School Observation & Consultation

School Observation

A school observation for children (preschool and elementary age) can provide valuable insight and information that can not be obtained within an office setting. Direct observation of a child's behavior provides rich information about their functioning in the school environment. Observing children in their school setting allows psychologists to identify strengths and problematic patterns within this setting and without the child being aware that they are being observed. Then, we collaborate with the school and teachers to develop a plan which helps to remediate problem areas and behaviors.

School Consultation

School consultation aims to provide support to parents, their learner, and teachers. A general education teacher is the primary individual to present lessons to the students and to implement learning strategies. However, teachers are not expected to have the specific expertise to work with all children with disabilities without supports. Knowledgeable professionals (like psychologists) and family members can be readily available to classroom teachers with information about learning, emotions, and behaviors that may be impacting learning. Together, a plan of support can be implemented. 

In addition, psychologists often provide support to families that help navigate accessing intervention services through the school system. For example, psychologists often participate in Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) meetings, 504 Plans, and Individual Education Plans (IEP).