People decide to seek therapy for various reasons. If you're a parent, you may have noticed your child struggling or being reactive to an emotion which can create problematic behaviors. If you are seeking services for yourself, you may be experiencing trouble tolerating certain emotions. Rose Assessment & Therapy Center strives to create a safe environment for individuals to explore their thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. We believe therapy is a collaborative process, with the therapist bridging their expertise of the field with the wisdom and knowledge of the individual. Our vision is to help individuals learn how to explore and ultimately develop healthier reactions to their thoughts and feelings. We believe that when individuals develop an understanding of their experiences (attachment, development, past relationships, etc.), they can then create new experiences that lead to satisfying lives and lasting changes. Dr. Rose and Dr. Wurster follow scientifically supported approaches to therapy that ultimately lead to lasting changes in people’s lives. You can read more about Dr. Rose and Dr. Wurster's approaches to therapy by clicking the About Us section.